About Me

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Hello world! I'm AK.

I am from the San Francisco Bay Area and currently reside here. I work as a Systems Engineer in Silicon Valley. I love it.

The content found on my blog was initially written for my own personal reference, but thought it could also be helpful to others. I have profound interests in communication technologies - specifically Email Systems, XMPP/Jabber, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and more.

Here is a small list of some things I enjoy.

:large_blue_circle: Unix-like Operating Systems
:large_blue_circle: Programming
:large_blue_circle: Traveling/Nature
:large_blue_circle: Sushi
:large_blue_circle: Coffee
:large_blue_circle: Fitness
:large_blue_circle: Gaming
:large_blue_circle: Socializing


My public key D7DCC8E6 can be used for secure email communication.

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